Custom Camaro SS Wrap

Well here it is…😈 This Camaro came in with an aged and poor condition wrap that was lifting (previous owner had it wrapped). We removed it and covered up this RED Camaro with a custom design I created that was requested to be purple, grey and black. They gave me full creative freedom on this 2010 Camaro SS and they did not want to see any teaser or progress photos until it was complete…this is the result! Designed, printed and installed here at DJD Graphics👨🏼‍🎨 I decided on a 3M Matte finish with gloss accents throughout, embossed stripes, purple chrome accents, purple fog lights, wrapped interior and wrapped calipers! We also hooked them up with a wheel package to suit this new look. Thanks to Nakita for your trust in me on this!🙌🏼 What once was a vision, brought from design to reality.👨🏼‍🎨 View my other posts on FB and Instagram for more photos of this project 📸🔥 The completed car was also given a Ceramic Pro treatment to ensure it stays protected for years to come.