2014 GTR – Galaxy Godzilla

The Galaxy Godzilla is back…with a new look😈
🏎 The R35 GT-R has always been my dream car and I have always had an obsession of designing graphics since I was young on video games…I am so thankful to own one and have the ability to bring my passion to reality by showcasing my creativity on it. The amount of detail and special effect 3M films used on this wrap is more than I have ever done. There is alot to still be shown🔥 ⁣More photos to come in the daylight!⁣
I can’t thank 3M enough for their support in my artwork and this build. I am honoured to be able to showcase the potential of 3M’s top of the line film on all of my cars. ⁣3M Reflective is insane🤯
Day vs Night